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Did you know that Raphael used templates when he painted the frescoes in the Vatican loggias? Yep, he sure did! So if even Raphael worked with templates, why shouldn't you??

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Welcome To The Gustavian Template Archive

If you've jumped over here, chances are you're already a fan of the Gustavian style – one of the most adored and imitated interior styles worldwide, known for its timeless elegance and "simplicity". What if I told you there's a well-proven, slam dunk formula for you to create beautiful decors just like the ones you see here? On autopilot?? (well aaaalmost)

If you're now over the moon excited and want to know every little detail about it... This is my masterpiece for YOU!

Are you ready?

swedish 18th c. decor mastery

I totally get you! Does this ring a bell?

Have you poured your beverage of choice
Have you poured your beverage of choiceHave you poured your beverage of choice

You are freakin' amazing at what you do, but you find yourself too often in a frenzy, searching Pinterest, Google, or IG for hours to find inspiration pics (where the original source is as difficult to find as... the Holy Grail... or the Arken stone).

The limited opening hours and restricted access to the Swedish mansion are definitely not earning a happy smiley from you. And let's not even talk about the hazard of trying to get access to those private-owned mansions! 

You are highly passionate and specialized in your field of expertise. However, you find it frustrating having to double-hustle as a "pro" photographer, taking your own template pics, often using just your mobile phone and a flash.

Authenticity and historical accuracy are like the north star for you, and you're dreaming of having a bucketload of reference books on the Gustavian style. But instead, you find yourself cursing over the few available books that way too often only use decorative paintings as some fancy backdrops!

Ok, i'm ready!

“Why can't I just create??”

but guess what...

You are not alone.

My DMs are packed with messages from designers, all wanting confirmation that the Pinterest pics are reeeaaally Gustavian (spoiler alert: most of the time, they're NOT). And let's not forget the testimonials about unorganized pics that are never to be found when you actually need them. R.I.P to all those masterpieces that were supposed to happen but never did.
Here are some common mistakes that I often see decorative creatives make when reproducing Swedish decors, which are stopping them from reaching FULL MASTERY:

Spending a lot of time & money on improving technical skills, but not investing in understanding the motifs and the reasons behind their use
Trusting Pinterest and social media for historical facts
Using reference pics from unknown sources
Relying on low-quality templates/ reference pics
Concentrating only on the painting's decorative function
Not taking advantage of allegories
Adding popular ornaments without knowing their symbolic meaning, or where they were traditionally used
Dividing the walls in a non-Swedish tradition
Creating a copy from a copy, instead of an authentic decorative painting, and then labelling it as “Gustavian”
Misunderstanding the progression of the style, which can lead to unintended, unnatural mixes 

But just breathe.There's another new-ish way of doing things - taken from the old Masters principles!

The great Masters knew that the secret to creating magnificent decors, loved for generations, was by using professional templates. This archive, with app. 600 high quality photos of decorative paintings, merges these ancient practices with modern digital methods, giving you a premium toolbox for creating spectacular decors!

The gustavian template archive

say hello to...

Just imagine creating stunning historical reproductions of Swedish 18th-century decors that have already stood the test of time and been admired for over 200 years! Creating decors on repeat that makes people say: "Is this really a copy??" 

You already have the technical skills needed, and by adding some history to your design, it will grab even more attention. After all, WHO doesn't love a great story, right?? Your clients will be no exception! 

Here's What You'll Get

Creating Decors That Will Be Loved For Generations

Becoming Your Own Expert

no more wasting time on social media 

stop second-guessing facts

The Gustavian style is often described as a simplified version of the highly influential French Louis XVI style (even though it's still more complicated, of course). 
It is one of the world's most admired interior styles, internationally praised, and frequently copied. 

Getting Your Brand Noticed And Attracting New Clients

breakup with not taking advantage of an already loved style

Did you know that the popular pine cones in the Gustavian style were actually fertility symbols, and those charming poppy flowers in the bedrooms represented sleep? Knowing these hidden meanings will be the icing on the cake for your design (and who knows, it might even qualify you for the sequel of The Da Vinci Code). 

Become A Storyteller With Your Design

quit relying only on looks 


yes, i'm in!


never ever have to google “Gustavian decorative paintings” again. 

How does this sound?

not need to worry about aperture times, ISO and reliable memorycards.

You should...

create timeless work you're truly proud of without the stress of double-checking for accuracy.

feel confident to venture into more mythological decors you've always wanted to do but have been putting off until you find time to read the Odyssey and the Iliad and the ...

work smarter and not harder, which will give you more time to be creative and do what you love.

yes please!

How it Works ...

Undoubtedly, the hardest part is deciding which one to do first?! Go through the room examples with your clients to see which decors that work best for their space. Also, don't forget to read the introductions that are designed to make your work easier! 

Make an order and receive your high resolution pics for tracing. Then tailor your reference pic to fit your brand and any space, or keep it as it is. Time to get to work creating a stunning decor you're proud to show off!

do your magic

select your template

Hand over your masterpiece to your eager client! And DON'T FORGET to show me, so I can share & celebrate your wins with my IG community of 25K Gustavian fans AND potential clients!! 

launch, celebrate, champagne




What's Inside:


Get lifetime access to digital template books (+ access to the high res. pics) with app. 600 pics of decorative paintings incl. 70 door paintings, 30 wall frames, 30+ room decors etc.
Easy copying, pasting and customizing your design.


Every decor in the archive comes with the detailed need-to-know research. Get ready to dive into the fascinating stories behind the decorative paintings.


DM SUPPORT and Q&A available. Reach out anytime for assistance and answers!

STYLE INTRODUCTION highlighting the key elements of both early and late Gustavian style, to quickly grasp the distinctive characteristics.



A symbol guide revealing the hidden meanings behind common decors during the Gustavian era adds depth and extra value to your design.

This archive is packed with everything you need to do work you're truly proud of

So let's get you started!

From Rome to Sweden

Decorative painter Johan Nils Asplind (1756-1820) used templates to create new beautiful Gustavian interiors, often drawing inspiration from Raphael's frescoes in the Vatican.

gustavian copy of raphael's frescos in the vatican 

Yes, It has been done before

Great reproductions can provide a more complete picture of how interiors originally looked like

A modern reproduction took the place of the damaged or missing sections of the original Gustavian painting at Nynäs castle.

modern reproductions at nynäs castle

“2 x of dancing maenads of Dionysus”

The relocation of one of the original door paintings prompted the creation of a copy at Ljung castle.

Template "Ljung02"  

Template "Nynäs01"  

Close-up of the template "Högbo06"  

modern Reproduction of a 1780s gustavian door painting 


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Your Investment

Let's  talk about your investment! 

Digital template books with app. 600 pics of decorative paintings.


Symbol guide of the hidden meaning behind the common Gustavian decors. 


Detailed historical facts to every decor in the archive. 


CHEATSHEETS of the key elements in the early and late Gustavian. 

+ A SECRET bonus will be sent to your doorstep!

Imitation was a way to pay homage to the classical heritage while putting their own spin on things to keep up with the demands of their time. No one would ever consider the royal interior designer Louis Masreliez's arabesques in the Haga pavilion as unoriginal or lacking creativity. They didn't need to reinvent the wheel all over again and do you know what?

Back in the 18th century, everyone – the client, the interior architect, and the artist – was using templates. Imitating was considered to be both an intellectual and innovative process.

You're in the right place.

Neither do you!

Understand the progression of the style.

Identify the common motifs and colors.

Recognize the differencies and similarities with other Swedish interior styles.

Be familiar with the division of the walls and the assembly of  motifs.

Comprehend which motifs were used in each room. 

Know why, when and for whom the Gustavian style was created.

You will also learn how to: 


 In 1895, the decorative painter Emil Nordström used an authentic Gustavian decor from the 1780s as a template, but it is difficult to determine which one is the original today.

Guess which one is the copy?? 

The original is the one with a mirror, Gripsholm

Following that one-liner highlight from your client's testimonial you are going to want to add the entire thing hear to really drive home how awesome people think your course or product is.

- Sarah

“I mean, there are basically no words! My business has totally changed!”



I'm Maria, your new bestie in Gustavian decor mastery.

I'm a Swedish art historian writer, interior photographer, book author, 18th c. time traveller, yoga-activist, unapologetically introvert and vegan cooking mama. I'm on a top secret mission to document every remaining 18th c. decorative painting in Sweden... (Yep, it is almost as challenging as Odysseus return journey to Ithaca)

When a missing pic threatens to throw your whole timeline off, I'll hop in my car and drive 5 hrs to
take your pic. For real, it wouldn't be the first time.

Hey friend!!


So happy you are here!

Witnessing delicate decorative paintings, even Lars Bolander's masterpieces, fall from the walls has left me frustrated*

Recognizing the fragile nature of these artworks makes it clear that they won't withstand the test of time forever!
It's important to ensure a high level of historical accurancy in safeguarding our cultural legacy, so beautifully crafted by the Gustavian Masters. In essence, this is my big why, the reason for creating the Gustavian Template Archive. To encourage and support in the best ways I can, restorations and reproductions to boost the revival of these stunning decor pieces.
This, my friend, is where you come in! I'm relying on you to join me on this journey, and together, let's ensure that future generations come to appreciate the timeless mastery of the Gustavian style, just as we do!

after years and years of documenting swedish 18th c. interiors 

*ok, read: depressed/ pissed off/ want me to eat ice cream and binge-watch Downton Abbey kind of upset

Artists needed to understand symbolism to convey messages, know history for commemorating events, and master perspective theory for creating lifelike compositions. A firm grasp of Greek and Roman mythology was also a must.
Nowadays, when reproducing these artworks, artists and conservators encounter nearly identical obstacles. Beyond technical expertise, they must possess a profound understanding of the historical and artistic backdrop.

It's definitely a lot more to it than just Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V!

In the 18th c., decorative painters needed more than just painting skills

i'm ready!

do it at your own pace

get support when needed

GROW YOUR expertise & client reach

Follow a proven roadmap

This archive includes everything you
need to master Gustavian decors

Mastering the essence of a style goes beyond simply copying and pasting a Gustavian decor found online. The resources in the archive will teach you how these decors were put together, which motifs work best in different rooms, popular color combinations and much more. 

It's all about learning the rules before breakin' them!

This is for you if:

You reproduce 18th c. wall decors or patterns and want to level up your game


You want to reproduce royal gustavian interiors. (the only royal interiors in the archive are guestrooms)

You want to learn how to paint, i mean actually putting the paint on the canva

YOu ARE probably a creative, dec.painter, architect or a designer

YOU are more interested in gustavian furniture and how to interior your home 

you know that true mastery is more than Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V from social media

It's probably not for you if...

YOU are actually working as an undercover spy and never heard about the gustavian style before

This archive is definitely not for everyone...

 The Gustavian style is so appealing. It has beautiful neoclassical proportions and exquisite details without being overly luxurious. Its light, harmonious feeling belies the amount of thought and craft that goes into every element.

-Doug K.


one payment of

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Your Investment

Let's  talk about your investment! 

Digital template books with app. 600 pics of decorative paintings.


Symbol guide of the hidden meaning behind the common Gustavian decors. 


Detailed historical facts to every decor in the archive. 


CHEATSHEETS of the key elements in the early and late Gustavian. 

+ A SECRET bonus will be sent to your doorstep!

I am super busy right now, can I get the archive later?

Absolutely, but keep in mind that your investment will be bigger when new updates is made to the archive. There might also be time-limited bonuses that expired. If you plan to join within 6 months, send me a DM!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access the digital template books without being online?

Yes, certainly! The template books are downloadable, so you don't need to rely on internet. You have lifetime access to the resources and can go through the materials at any time, anywhere. 

I'm obsessed with the Gustavian style, but my clients have not asked for it yet...

Friend, did the egg come first or did the hen come first? Lead the way & introduce the Gustavian style, one of the most loved and copied interior style there exist!

What kind of support do I have from you?

You have full support from me, I'm just a DM or email away! I love connecting with you and share your work!

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes! The decors can be customized for textiles, porcelain, wallpaper, and more! 

The reference pics in the archive are for tracing, even if many decors can be simplified. 

I'm a textile designer, can the archive be useful to me?

Do you offer stencils?

As this product is digital, refunds are not available. However, if you feel there's a reason you're not seeing the desired results from the archive, I'd be more than happy to have a chat with you about it!


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